I empower single women to boldly follow their dream of having a baby.


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I know, blazing your own trail to becoming a mother can feel scary, especially as a single woman...


Feel like you’re running out of time?

Not sure how to navigate the journey to motherhood without a partner?

Feel stuck in indecision, fear, sadness, you name it?

Dating with the sole agenda of finding someone to have a baby with?

Feel like love and family is falling into place for everyone but you?


Breathe, I’ve got you.


The path to becoming a Single Mother by Choice can feel overwhelming.

I’m a midwife who helps single women create a plan for pursuing pregnancy,

so you can have the baby your heart has always longed for.


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As a midwife, I know there’s much more to this experience than lab work and clinic visits.

I understand the importance of this decision and all the emotions that go along with it. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time or for everything to fall into place. The perfect time to begin is now.

  • I am a Single Mother by Choice myself. I’ve been through it all.
  • I know where you might be feeling hung up and how to keep you moving forward.
  • I understand you're an individual and that it's important to have a plan in line with your fertility, values, and financial means. 
  • I know how to listen and hold space. 


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 Midwife for over 20 years  |    Helped 100+ women get pregnant  | Caught 2000+ babies
I knew I wanted to be a mom, but had limited knowledge about what path to take. There was so much to learn and I was overwhelmed with where to begin.
Having Betsy by my side through the process was life changing. She helped me make the right decisions for me along the way and I got pregnant in less than a year of "trying". She even checked in on me during my labor! 
If you are on the fence about hiring a choice mom coach, I would say go for it. She will pave the way for you and make you feel supported along your unique journey.”

I’m here to remind you, you may be single, but you’re not alone.


As a midwife and a Single Mother by Choice, I understand the overpowering desire to have a child. My own journey was long and difficult. 

I wish I had started sooner and that I’d had someone by my side, a mentor.

That’s why I am devoted to helping single women who know they want to have a baby.  

I've practiced as a Certified Nurse-Midwife for 20 years, nurturing women, standing by them, helping them make decisions, and reminding them of their inner strength. 

Over the past 5 years I’ve made it my mission to help single women pursue their dream of motherhood. I know once you decide to move forward, you will never look back.


How I can help


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The Single Woman's Guide to Pursuing Pregnancy
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Group Coaching

Get the support and expertise you need alongside others in a similar place.


1:1 Coaching

Need your own personalized action plan? Book a 60 minute intensive. I've got you!
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Every woman has the right to become a mother, regardless of relationship status.


Stop agonizing over those pregnancy announcements on Facebook. 

It’s time to answer the call to motherhood on your own terms.

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5 Mindset Blocks that Single Women Have Around Getting Pregnant

(& How to Move Past Them)

This quick, but powerful guide will help you get unstuck, allowing you to see that getting pregnant on your own is an equally fulfilling way to start a family!